5 Women Meet Once A Month To Cook For Montreal’s Less Fortunate

July 19, 2021

Five women in Montreal are getting together once a month to cook for the city’s less fortunate.

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Shathi Sisters / Credit: City News

They call themselves the Shathi Sisters. Shathi is a Bangladeshi word that means togetherness.

That spirit is at the core of what drives the women to operate their multifaith soup kitchen out of the St. George’s Anglican Church in downtown Montreal.

Since December, the Shathi Sisters spend one Saturday a month cooking 100 meals for those in need.

good news 2021

Shathi Sisters / Credit: City News

“We think it’s our duty to do this,” said Irene Mazumder. “Not just because there’s people in need. It’s our duty. If we’re able to help, then why not.”

And they hope to expand their services in the future.

“The purpose of my engagement, it’s serving the community,” said Sobhan. “And maybe we started with a soup kitchen, maybe we can do more things. More projects.”

Watch the video below.

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