9 Weirdest Football Fan Superstitions We Found On Reddit

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With Super Bowl 50 happening this Sunday apparently the superstitions of Broncos and Panthers fans are the only true magic tricks to have really worked. All of those other fans who refused to wash their crusty, smelly, nacho stained jersey all season- or else “risk their team losing” – were doing it all in vain! That’s why I am taking a look at these fun superstitions Reddit users posted that they think will really work. If you want your team to go all the way next year, you better try some of these.

1.  The One Napkin Rule 

User PuroBugatti claims that this helped The Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX.

2. Shaving Vs Not Shaving

User ErikTheDon seems to have created his own Movember in January.

3.  Must Drink The Correct Beer

User Watrutalingaboot doesn’t even want to hear about your hipster micro brews. 

4. The Lone Watcher

User Ceehouse also attributes this to Super Bowl losses.

5. Christmas Lights For The Win

User Stelly414 has the power of Santa on lockdown for the season. 

6. Plead With The Big Coach Upstairs

User The_YoungWolf has all of his bases covered just in case. 

7. Closet Full OF Jerseys

This guy will never run out of game day outfits. 

8. What Time Is It? Sammy Time.

FYI, Here is the “Ray Lewis What Time Is It? Remix.”

9. Rub The Belly For Good Luck

User Gfos28 rubs a belly for good luck, what would you rub?

What football superstitions do you partake in to “help” your team win?

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