Adult Legend Lisa Ann Says 25% Of NBA Players Get Blackmailed By Pornstars

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Becoming an NBA player is like winning the lottery, and like what most young men with that much instant wealth would do, they go out and order up a pile of strippers and porn stars.  According to adult film legend Lisa Ann, this has led to at least 25 percent of players being blackmailed by her fellow performers.

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As a big basketball fan with inside knowledge of how these ladies hustle horny ballers, Lisa Ann gave her advice to Complex on how players can avoid getting taken to the cleaners. It’s an important PSA, like saving these puppies.

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Lisa Ann acknowledges that most strip clubs try to scam the average customer. Since most guys don’t want to get “caught” at the strip club, they will let go having their credit card scammed or overcharged. This even leads to cash, wallets and jewelry getting stolen, or worse the club actually shakes people down. She says;

“With hustles like this happening to regular people, you can imagine how much more likely it is to happen to a famous, naive, 6’8 NBA millionaire? He’s like a neon target to these people, and the longer he’s at the club the greater the chances sinister plans get set in motion.”

Cleanthony Early, a guard for the New York Knicks found this out the hard way as he was shot and robbed at a strip club in Queens this past December.

However, it’s not just the young single guys that have to watch out for their wallets. Lisa Ann warns that married players who frequent the strip club or party with porn stars are the biggest targets for girls looking to get a payout. That’s because they can easily blackmail them for money and more. She says;

“I’ve heard girls say make sure he is married or in a relationship before going back to his hotel with him. Once there they wait for their moment alone with his wallet and take photos of all of his credit cards and his ID. The final part of the plan is blackmail.”

She gives five solid tips on helping young, rich NBA players to avoid getting blackmailed by porn stars and strippers:

1. Don’t make any new “friends.”

The reality is harsh, but once you become a walking price tag to people, common decency is off the menu and everything you least expect is being served.”

2. Be sure to bring your own and then flush your condoms.

“I have heard of girls poking small holes in condom packaging to try to have their NBA baby. Your future baby is the biggest potential paycheck she will ever get.”

3. The hotel is your home away from home, and much safer.

“Once you invite people into your home, there is a comfort level they may feel that you don’t. Do you actually trust a stranger with everything you have, especially your privacy and safety?”

4. Lock everything up in the hotel safe.

“Leave nothing out. Computers, phones, or anything with a player’s name on it can be used for blackmail. The ideal situation is a blank room if an additional one can be booked. The player will eventually have to use the bathroom, which gives the woman every chance she needs to grab whatever is in sight.”

5. Just say “no” to peer pressure.

“This is a tough one, as there is a lot of guilt associated with success. This is especially true of a young player who has friends that feel entitled to a piece of everything the player has, including fun. These friends often have nothing to lose, so it comes easy to them to make bad suggestions.”

Some good advice to live by when we sign our next NBA contract.

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