Avengers: Endgame Big Game Photos Reveal Heroes in Crisis

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Marvel Studios dropped the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer right before kickoff at the Super Bowl and we have collected the best images from the new footage. The first trailer dropped back in December and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been analyzing every single frame. Thankfully, those fans have a new trailer to pick apart, which begins with some footage from previous MCU movies featuring the Decimated heroes shown in black and white with red highlights and then quickly snaps to the dusted Marvel Studios logo. It was an effective way to start things off to say the least.

From there, the Avengers: EndgameSuper Bowl trailer shows a dark and vacant New York City with a voiceover from Steve Rogers. “Some People move on… but not us…” and then we flash to Tony Stark and Nebula frantically working on what looks like the Benatar. Stark and Nebula aren’t ready to move on or give up just yet, which is quite different from where the first Endgame trailer showed Stark. Next, we see Rogers, Bruce Banner, James Rhodes, and Natasha Ronanoff looking to the sky.

Rocket Racoon makes an appearance by himself in this Super Bowl, but it’s unclear where he is. From there the Avengers: Endgame flashes to Natasha Romanoff in a shooting range and she looks pretty pissed off. But, one of the coolest parts of the brief trailer comes as War Machine and Ant-Man are seen together preparing for battle before flashing to sad Thor who has lost everything yet again. The God of Thunder could have gotten rid of Thanos before the Decimation had he only went for the head instead of giving the Mad Titan a speech, so he might feel extra bad when Endgame debuts.

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Hawkeye shows up in a new shot before we see Captain America strap on his shield. There’s a lot going on here in the brief Avengers: Endgame before Steve Rogers reiterates that the Avengers will not move on. This was a move that Marvel Studios and Disney didn’t have to make, but they decided to hook their dedicated fans up with another tease that has a little bit more going in it than the previous trailer.

Missing from the second Avengers: Endgame trailer is Thanos. The villain made a brief appearance in the first trailer, but we haven’t seen much of him since. Perhaps we’ll have to wait until the movie premieres in April. Elsewhere, Marvel Studios also dropped a new Captain Marvel trailer, which showed off some more new footage, which only leads to more questions about how Carol Danvers will make her debut in Endgame. Hopefully we get to see some evidence when the movie hits theaters early next month. For now, we’ve collected some of the best images from the Avengers: Endgame trailer and you can take a look at them, and the trailer below, thanks to the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.

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