Bernice Burgos Called 'Plastic' After Flaunting Her Unbelievable Tiny Waist

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Bernice Burgos Called 'Plastic' After Flaunting Her Unbelievable Tiny Waist

The music video star shows off her hourglass figure in a crop top and pink panties, but many people are not convinced that it’s real and accuse her of getting plastic surgery.

Bernice Burgos has still got it and she flaunts it. The hip-hop model, who is never shy away from showing her skin, has updated her Instagram account with yet another sexy picture of her while remaining in self-quarantine.

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, the photo featured her showing off her super slim waist in a white crop top and pink panties. Her hair was tied into a half ponytail, giving off a teen-vibe. With her fresh style and hourglass figure, it’s hard to believe that the music video star is 40 years old now.

But not everyone thinks that Bernice’s curves are stunning. Instead of praising it, someone thought her body “looks ridiculous.” Another similarly commented, “This is not how a real woman’s body looks.” Echoing the sentiment, a third user remarked, “This s**t looks stupid. She’s gorgeous in the face but the more you see these bodies they look crazy.”

Some others accused her of going under the knife. “Bought body,” a comment read. “Serving plastic,” another said of her physical appearance, while someone else added, “Shes serving surgery. Let’s be honest.”

Suspecting that Bernice got her ribs removed to obtain the look, someone mused, “I wonder how many ribs she got left.” Another snarkily asked, “All the girls get this this the ‘starter-kit’ at the doctor? They ain’t got no mo templates available?”

A few others, meanwhile, claimed that it’s the result of photoshop. “Too much edit,” one commented. Another bewildered user pointed out, “That pic is off.”

But among the so many haters, there were still others who praised Bernice, like one male user who responded to the critics as gushing, “Say what you want…she one of the baddest #gilf I’ve seen.”

The sexy picture is not the only kind of contents that Bernice has been posting on her social media page. Having been holed up in her house, she recently shared a TikTok video of her doing the viral “Bored in the House” challenge. The hilarious clip showed her doing various activities, from doing squats to taking a selfie with a weird pose near the ceiling.