Twilight of the Mallrats is going to be the grooviest View Askew movie yet, as Kevin Smith has confirmed Bruce Campbell will be appearing in the movie. Back in January, Campbell had lobbied for a part in the upcoming Mallrats sequel when Smith had announced that the project was a go. In response, Smith tweeted that Campbell should play himself in the movie, as Jason Lee’s Brodie would be a big fan of the Evil Dead star. The idea must have hit with Campbell, as Smith says he’s already written a scene for Campbell into the script.

This week, the original Mallrats celebrated its 25th anniversary, and the movie was commemorated with a tweet by Dates in Movies on Twitter. Personally responding to the tweet, Smith notes that he’s gotten pretty far along into this script for the sequel, going so far as to confirm Bruce Campbell will be appearing in the movie along with original star Michael Rooker reprising his role as villainous mall owner Jared Svenning. “On page 75 right now, about to enter Act 3. Got a show-stopping monologue for [Bruce Campbell], but the [Michael Rooker] scenes I wrote will tickle your funny bone while breaking your heart,” Smith writes in his tweet.

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Of course, this not only confirms Campbell will definitely be a part of the story, it suggests he’ll have an amazing monologue to deliver as well. Additionally, Kevin Smith notes the returns of several other characters from the original along with Rooker, confirming his plans to bring back as many familiar faces as possible. This includesEthan Suplee as William, Ben Affleck as Shannon Hamilton, Jeremy London as T.S. Quint, Claire Forlani as Brandi Svenning, Jason Lee as Brodie Bruce, and Shannen Doherty as Rene Mosier. Of course, Smith also confirms he’ll be back as Silent Bob, meaning Jason Mewes as Jay shouldn’t be too far behind either. Characters from other View Askew movies are likely to show up as well.

Because Campbell can clearly find success when lobbying for desired roles on Twitter, then perhaps we’ll see him in a significant role in the upcoming Marvel movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. After it was recently confirmed Campbell collaborator Sam Raimi would be directing the sequel, Campbell took to Twitter to volunteer a role for himself. “Huh. Surely, there must be SOME character to challenge the good Doctor,” Campbell slyly noted, and it wasn’t long before his followers started chiming in with their full support for the idea. Maybe the groovy one will get his wish this time as well.

While spending so much time at home lately, Smith previously told his fans he’d be using this time to work on the screenplays for his planned Clerks and Mallrats sequels. Of course, the difficulties Smith has had previously with trying to get new sequels to these movies off the ground is pretty well-documented, but let’s hope things work out differently for everyone involved this time. Confirmation of Campbell’s involvement in Twilight of the Mallrats comes to us from Kevin Smith on Twitter, and you can take a look at the tweet below.

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