Bummed Out Stan Lee Wishes Fans the Best as He Skips Comic-Con

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Stan Lee posted a video on social media today wishing for all of his fans to have a good time in San Diego for the annual Comic-Con. Lee isn’t attending this year and says that he hates missing it. It’s good to see the comic legend looking better and better. Last week, he posted another video to reclaim his social media accounts, in which he hoped that his loyal legion of fans had not forgotten about him. Then in traditional Lee humor, he claimed to only be 79-years old.

Stan Lee’s Twitter account posted the new video today in honor of the start of San Diego Comic-Con. Lee noted that he’s pretty sure that this is the first Comic-Con that he has missed out on in quite a few years. While Lee stated that he hated missing out on the annual event, he did not give a reason for his absence and instead wished all of his fans the best. He had this to say.

“I just want to say hello to all the fans at San Diego. I think this is one of the first San Diego cons I have missed in, I don’t know how many years and I hate not being there. But luckily, I think you people can manage to have a reasonably good time without me. But anyway, my best regards to all of you and honestly, I wish I were there with you.”

Stan Lee was recently seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp as an elderly motorist attempting to get into his car. His car is hit with one of the Wasp’s discs and then shrinks down until it’s out of sight. Lee then says a line that refers to partaking in recreational drug use in the 1960s, “The 60s were great, but now I’m paying for it.” For Marvel fans, it was great to see Lee back to his old self after all of the recent reports.

Stan Lee was also in Infinity War as a bus driver, but it’s believed that the cameo was filmed quite some time ago. Lee’s private life has been very public over the last year, but it really seems that things are getting better for him over the last month. Lee was recently awarded a permanent restraining order against Keya Morgan, who many believe was harming Lee physically and mentally as well as isolating him from his friends and family.

This latest video is the second that Stan Lee has shared since gaining control of his social media accounts, and as noted above, he already seems a lot better than even a month ago. Let’s hope that the comic book legend is able to make it to next year’s San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate the Marvel Cinematic Universe announcement of Phase 4. While we wait for some more good news from the Marvel master, you can check out his latest video below, thanks to Stan Lee’s Twitter account.

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