Caroline Vreeland Says She’s More Than OK With Her Natural Body

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Photo: Michael Stewart/WireImage (Getty)

Caroline Vreeland is one of those girls you can spot from a mile away, and that’s her natural body. The spaghetti-loving, fancy dress-wearing modern day Monroe model and singer took to her Instagram @carolinevreeland and told everyone just how OK she is with her natural breasts.

Although they’re abnormally voluptuous for such a thin, spunky gal, we’re here to tell Caroline that we, too, are quite alright with the way she was made. Looks like God can give with both hands, but with Caroline, it’s like he’s fucking juggling.

If that’s not a great boob euphemism, we’re not sure what is. Now, like a good sports bra, let’s show you just how supportive we are.

 Click on the photo above to read Caroline’s letter to the world on her boobs.

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