Christina Ricci Gets Sole Custody of Son as She Settles Custody Feud With Estranged Husband

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Christina Ricci Gets Sole Custody of Son as She Settles Custody Feud With Estranged Husband

The ‘Addams Family’ actress has reached an amicable custody arrangement with soon-to-be-ex-husband James Heerdegen amid their ongoing divorce battle following bitter separation.

Actress Christina Ricci has reached a custody deal with her estranged husband amid their nasty divorce proceedings.

The “Addams Family” star filed to end her seven-year marriage to cinematographer James Heerdegen in July (20), shortly after obtaining an emergency restraining order against her ex following a domestic dispute in June.

Despite the contentious nature of their divorce, Heerdegen has agreed to plans for Ricci to take their six-year-old son Freddie with her to Vancouver, Canada, where she is preparing to shoot a new project this month (Apr21).

Heerdegen will receive supervised visitation, with the actress covering “reasonable costs for travel and accommodations,” including “economy airfare” and a hotel of her choosing.

According to court papers obtained by the New York Post’s Page Six, Ricci will receive sole legal custody of Freddie and set up 15-minute video calls with his dad three times a week whenever he is unable to travel to Canada.

However, the conversations will be cut off if Heerdegen is found to have “engaged in any inappropriate communication” – such as divorce talk – with their boy.

The exes have also agreed to revisit the custody arrangements after the first four weeks when they will consider the “appropriateness of expanded visitation and/or overnights.”

The paperwork was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court last month (Mar21) and was approved by a judge last week (ends02Apr21).

A representative for Ricci has yet to comment on the news, which emerges three months after she was granted a new restraining order against Heerdegen.

He also attempted to obtain his own protective order against the actress days later, but his bid was denied.