D.C. Has Issued $1 Million In Parking Tickets Thanks To People Stuck In The Snow

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Washington D.C. is a bad place to live right now and not just because of the winter storm that just blanketed the city in snow. It’s because the parking enforcement is having a field day issuing tickets and fines to folks who aren’t moving their cars, despite the fact that they are literally buried in snow.

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D.C. has (so far) issued around $1,708,000 in parking tickets and over $65,000 in fines. Really puts a damper on your whole week if you get fined for not being fully equipped to deal with the friggin’ apocalypse. Sure, it might take you an hour or so to dig your car out of the snow, but then there’s the whole finding another parking spot…not covered with six feet of winter.

Of course the city is saying that these parked cars aren’t helping the city officials help citizens out by clearing the snow from the streets. Quite the catch-22 but let’s be honest…a million dollars in parking tickets? Really?

Some car owners are even having their automobiles towed because of where their cars are stuck, which honestly may not be that bad of a deal at all. A $250 ticket, $100 tow charge and a $25-per-day fee might be just worth it in order for you to not have to spend time digging your car out of the snow just so you could move it. Sounds like a damn luxury.

My suggestion? Cover your car with MORE snow, completely hide it and maybe the parking enforcement will think it’s just a big igloo and move on.





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