Emotional Police Officer Mourns Death Of Squirrel Friend

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The famous Police Squirrel who became a friend to officers at the Omaha Police Department headquarters has died. Following the squirrel’s death, a touching photo of an officer mourning its death has emerged, causing thousands of people from around the globe to send their condolences.

In the photo, an officer kneels in front of the squirrel’s corpse and holds his head in his hand in an emotional moment. A chalk outline can be seen around the squirrel’s body while a bit of food remains nearby as an offering.

Police officers throughout Omaha came to love the squirrel, often splurging to provide it with its favorite meal of granola bars and sunflower seeds. In return, the squirrel could frequently be spotted around police headquarters and became friendly to humans. 

The squirrel’s fame grew so much that it even got its own Twitter account, @OpdSquirrel.

The Omaha Police Department released a statement announcing the squirrel’s passing via its official Twitter account: “We are sad to announce that @OpdSquirrel has been found dead in the parking lot. We are not investigating,” the message read. 

Fans of the squirrel were quick to react to the sad news. “Please pray for Nebraska. The @OpdSquirrel has died,” one person wrote, while another said, “RIP little buddy. Go nibble on that great nut in the sky.”

A tweet from “Mrs. Squirrel” on the squirrel’s Twitter account noted that “he will be sorely missed by our 35 children and I” and encouraged mourners to feed their backyard squirrels and donate to the First Responders Foundation of Omaha in lieu of flowers.

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