Fails and Feels: The Best and Worst Moments in Gaming 9/14/2018

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by Mack Ashworth

Another week has come to a welcome end! Let’s celebrate the arrival of the weekend with a compilation of the best and worst video game news of the week. This is Fails and Feels, our weekly series that aims to get you all caught up on the gaming going-ons!

First, let’s take a look at those Fails!


Spider-Man Easter Egg Proposal Ends in Disaster

Well, this backfired! One hopeful Spider-Man fan was planning to propose to his girlfriend through the new PS4 game. Developer Insomniac Games included the “Maddie, will you marry me?” text on a theatre showings board, but unfortunately things didn’t go too well. Maddie broke up with the boyfriend before the game came out, leaving the proposal as a tragic reminder of a broken relationship. Insomniac Games is considering replacing the Easter egg message with something else. Sad times!

Twitch Streamer Dr. Disrespect Had Shots Fired at House While on Stream

People on the internet can be damn weird, and when you’re a big personality and hardcore fans/haters find out your address, it can lead to some real-life danger. Well, Dr. Disrespect is one such personality, having earned a huge following on Twitch and YouTube. While playing Black Ops 4, the streamer heard someone firing a weapon at his house. The “stream sniper” reportedly smashed an upstairs window. Following the shot, Dr. Disrespect broke character to address the situation. He quickly explained what happened, before then turning off the stream.

Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Don’t Dry Gameplay Trailer Released

It’s 2018 and we’re getting a Leisure Suit Larry game? Well, okay then! If you’re into your “mature” point-and-clicks, then Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry could be for you. Aside from the smut, this game will feature a story that takes Larry through a “world set in modern times with over 30 hand-drawn venues.” It feels a little outdated for 2018, but here’s a trailer if you think you like the sound of it!


Spider-Man Sales Beat God of War as Fastest-Selling Game of 2018

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can! This apparently includes beating out a very badass Kratos as the number one fastest-selling game of 2018. God of War now drops down to the second spot when it comes to UK sales. What makes this so impressive, is that both of these titles are PS4 exclusives, meaning fewer potential buyers. Obviously the hype surrounding the game was skyrocketing, causing many Sony console owners to plop down their cash for physical copies. (Yes, the UK charts only count physical versions, ignoring the presumably vast number of digital sales!) Impressive stuff from the number one webslinger!

NES Controllers for Switch Announced at Nintendo Direct

It’s time to get all nostalgic up in here! Nintendo has announced wireless NES controllers for the Nintendo Switch. During the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, the company revealed the old school controller design. It was also confirmed that the controllers would only be available to those who subscribe to the new Nintendo Online service. It isn’t yet clear what exactly this means, but we’re expecting Nintendo Online subscribers to gain access to the “Buy” page via the official Nintendo website.

Spider-Man PS4 Features Great Accessibility Options

It’s great to see developers go the extra mile to make sure all gamers are catered for. The accessibility options in Spider-Man PS4 are pretty extensive, including: big subtitles, QTE auto completion, backgrounds for subtitles and HUD elements, and the option to completely skip puzzles. The three difficulty modes also help to offer a fun experience for players of all abilities.

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