Future Tech: Sports Fans Can Buy Their Own Alcohol With A Fingerprint

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Any sports fan knows there isn’t much worse than standing in crazy long concession lines at games. But what if there was a way to avoid those lines and limit the amount of time you miss the on-field action (and still be belligerent as ever)? Thanks to Clear, the biometrics company who recently debuted a new system allowing sports fans to purchase both alcohol and other concessions with nothing more than a fingerprint, there is.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen some of Clear’s technology in other public places, like airports, but this is the first time the company has stepped foot into the athletic world after they announced a partnership with CenturyLink Field (home to Seattle Seahawks, MLS’ Sounders) and Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners).

Clear’s technology will allow sports fans to pre-pay and verify their ID before or during the game, where they can then use a special concession lane to pick up their food and/or alcohol, avoiding the dreaded lines we’ve all grown to despise.

“Having an excellent and safe fan experience is paramount in everything we do, so we are excited to introduce Clear’s innovative security lanes and biometric payment and age verification to fans at CenturyLink Field,” David Young, the general manager of operations at CenturyLink Field, said in a statement.

This marks the first time biometric data has been approved to replace both IDs for age verification and credit cards for purchases. Unfortunately, there’s always a downside and only particular concession stands currently have the ability to use Clear’s technology, so you might have to go for a little walk to find the appropriate location.

Currently available in 38 airports and stadiums, Clear hopes to increase that number while also adding facial recognition in the near future. Just one more reason to get rid of people.

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