'General Hospital' Spoilers: Show Teases Big Announcement, Is A Fan Favorite Returning?

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Former 'General Hospital' star Kelly Thiebaud

Big things are on the way as “General Hospital” spoilers tease that February will bring surprises and huge announcements that “GH” fans will not want to miss. Viewers just got a shocker with the reveal of Kristina’s professor, but those behind the show indicate that even bigger things are on the way. What is known so far?

Executive director Frank Valentini shared a big tease via Twitter that has fans buzzing. He indicates that there is big “General Hospital” news coming during the first week of February, and viewers have plenty of theories about what this may be referencing. Is someone coming back to the show? Is there a juicy storyline development on the way?

Some think Kelly Thiebaud is coming back as Dr. Britt Westmore, since the actress was just sharing photos showing her on the set. This would be a great time to bring Britt back, given Nikolas’ engagement to Hayden. However, ABC executive Nathan Varni says that Thiebaud is not coming back and that is not the big announcement.

Other possibilities fans have mentioned include having Lucky Spencer come back, a Holly or Ric Lansing return, more of Robert, and even a few other ideas. Many would be thrilled to see “GH” scoop up Greg Vaughan again now that he’s said to be done at “Days of Our Lives,” and bring him back as Lucky. 

Fans are also talking about the possibility of a “General Hospital” renewal announcement, a wedding for a core couple or a different relationship development. Of course, the news could be something else that hasn’t popped up as a theory yet. Luckily, viewers should not have to wait too long to see what this big announcement is.

Are the show executives overhyping this upcoming announcement or is truly big news on the way? Stay tuned for more “General Hospital” spoilers as the news set to kick off “Fan February” is revealed and more detailed become available.

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