Guy Balancing Eight Beers While Eating Bratwurst Is A Friend We All Need

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Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, it’s just a friend performing the ultimate beer run.

A soccer fan at the Fortuna Dusseldorf-Schalke match at Esprit Arena in Dusseldorf, Germany revealed himself to have tremendous grace when he was spotted balancing eight beers at once during a recent match. Not only did this expert beer juggler carry the brews without spilling an ounce, he did so while hamming down a bratwurst sandwich. Now, this is the kind of friend we all need.

He would later go on to steal your girlfriend.

The man didn’t have to hold onto these items the whole time. His friend, watching in amazement, was able to lend a helping hand, taking four of the beers while this incredible athlete shimmied his way to his chair. It’s guys like this we need more of. No two trips when you can dedicate yourself to acrobats like this.

Based on this show of excellence, it’s clear he’s a guy you can count on to come through in the clutch. Which begs the question, “Do you have friends like this?”


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