Hellbent on Consent: Making the First Move Without Becoming A #MeToo Statistic

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The times, they are a-changin’, and because of this, we’re all being forced to reevaluate how we approach people in the #MeToo era, especially women. But whether you’re a guy or gal, we all have to work on our manners, from the way we talk at work to how we approach sex with a stranger. While many men fear they’ll be outed for saying the wrong thing, we’re popping in to say there’s no need to be afraid. Just don’t be an asshole.

But in case you still fear accidentally earning a Harvey Weinstein Badge of Discourage, learn yourself some knowledge on things like consent and not being a gross prick. Check out our tips on how to confidently make the first move while protecting yourself in the process (First hint: Do not defile your houseplants, at least not when you have company).

Is there anything you’ve learned to help breach the topic of consent with your partner? Teach other men what you’ve learned by sharing your story in the comments!

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