Jamie Foxx Wants Eddie Murphy to Join Him on a Stand-Up Comedy Tour

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Jamie Foxx is gearing up for a return to stand-up comedy and he wants to go out with Eddie Murphy. Foxx wants to get back to playing smaller rooms, which is something else that Murphy has talked about doing. Last year, Murphy revealed that he was also plotting a return to the stage after over a 30-year absence. But would he consider going out with Foxx? It would be huge if the two were able to team up and coordinate something.

In a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Jamie Foxx was asked about touring with Eddie Murphy. Foxx has been away from the stage for a while himself, though not nearly as long as Murphy. Foxx laughed after the question and said that those rumors were not true, though he wishes they were. He had this to say.

“…I would. I would go on tour with Eddie, because I think it’s our time. You haven’t heard from him in a minute, and you haven’t heard from me and I got it.”

In order to prove that he’s ready, Jamie Foxx delivered some impressions of Eddie Murphy, rapper Jay-Z, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Foxx proved that he still has his impression skills to an excited audience and then revealed his plans for his own stand-up tour, which could end up turning into something bigger along the way. He explains.

“I want to take you on a little bit of an adventure… I’m gonna start at all of the places I started out at, meaning all the clubs like Faneuil Hall in Boston, all the clubs where I started, because I want it to be intimate.”

Hitting the smaller, more intimate stages is one way that comedians prepare for larger tours and specials. It has been heavily rumored that Eddie Murphy is going to hit some clubs to prepare for a multi-million dollar stand-up special. Even when just mentioning the idea of going out on tour, the internet explodes with anticipation. Adding to the excitement was Murphy’s long-awaited return to Saturday Night Live in December. He proved that he can still pull out all of the stops in front of a live audience, while teasing old characters.

One thing Eddie Murphy has frequently been asked is if he’ll change his stand-up routine for the current social and political climate. Murphy’s sets in the 1980s were pretty raw, no pun intended, and he has no intentions of changing things up, mainly because he believes his humor isn’t out to hurt anyone’s feelings. As for Jamie Foxx, he’ll more than likely be able to go out and do the same kind of set as usual, but will it be while opening up for Eddie Murphy? We’ll just have to wait and see. While we wait, you can check out the interview with Foxx below, thanks to TheEllenShow YouTube channel.

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