Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Gets His Own Garbage Pail Kids Card

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Joaquin Phoenix now has his own Garbage Pail Kids card as Joker. Phoenix was recently named PETA’s Person of the Year, but getting immortalized on an iconic Garbage Pail Kids card has to be better than that. The actor has had quite the ride with director Todd Phillips after finally taking on a comic book movie. Phoenix was unsure about the business mechanics surrounding the world of superheroes, so he was always weary about taking up an offer. However, Phillips pitched him the right idea at the right time.

Joker is unlike any comic book movie before it, though there will more than likely be a lot like it now since it has become such a big success. And the same can be said about Garbage Pail Kids in the trading card realm. There have been many, many copycats over the years, but nothing beats the original. Artist Joe Simko is responsible for the latest Joker card, which has been named Walking Joaquin. The image lampoons the now-iconic stairs scene from the movie.

Instead of dancing his way down the steps, Arthur Fleck has taken a tumble, along with all of his makeup. Joe Simko did a great job detailing everything used in Joker to get Fleck into character as it spills down the stairs, leaving a trail of lipstick. More importantly, the image keeps with the long tradition of Garbage Pail Kids art. It has all been uniform since day one when artist John Pound started the first series in 1985. Topps still has the cards being made today, which is mainly what Simko does with his free and full time these days, according to his bio.

Joe Simko is the producer/co-director of the Garbage Pail Kids documentary, 30 Years of Garbage, which is a must-see for fans. He has also completed over 500 pieces of art for the franchise over the years, each taking on different subjects. Simko started the Cereal Killers Trading Cards project in May 2011, which spoofs different breakfast cereals with popular horror movies. The Cereal Killers Trading Cards has gained the artist a rabid horror following over the years. In addition to the aforementioned projects, Simko also runs his company Wax Eye.

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Joaquin Phoenix has yet to respond to the honor of getting his own Garbage Pail Kids card as of this writing. Joker is still hanging around the top ten at the box office after passing the $1 billion mark. Nobody, especially Phoenix and Todd Phillips, expected the unorthodox comic book movie to make that much money, but it did and it is continuing to do so. There have been talks of a sequel, but nothing official has happened just yet, though one can imagine the studio is already preparing a pitch. While we wait for sequel news, you can check out the Joaquin Phoenix Garbage Pail Kids card thanks to Joe Simko’s Instagram account.

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