Johnny Depp's Drug Texts Put His Libel Case Against Tabloid in Jeopardy

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Johnny Depp’s libel case against British tabloid newspaper The Sun may be in jeopardy over undisclosed “drug texts.” Depp is suing the tabloid over an article from 2018 where they refer to him as a “wife beater.” The aforementioned texts come from 2015 when Depp was in Australia with then-wife Amber Heard, who alleges that Depp spent 3 days on drugs and alcohol physically assaulting her while there. Johnny Depp continues to deny all of Heard’s physical abuse claims.

Johnny Depp is suing Dan Wootton, the executive editor of The Sun, and the Rupert Murdoch-owned British tabloid’s publisher, News Group Newspapers, over the 2018 article. News Group Newspapers has requested that the case be entirely thrown out of the High Court after Depp reportedly failed to hand over text messages which seem to indicate that he was looking for drugs while in Australia with Amber Heard. The texts are between Depp and his assistant, Nathan Holmes. Mr. Justice Nicol has since agreed that the messages should have been made available by the actor’s legal team. He explains.

“The Australian drug texts were adverse to the claimant’s pleaded case and/or were supportive of the defendants’ pleaded case. I agree that the timing is significant. The exchanges with Mr. Holmes began shortly before the alleged incidents in Australia.”

As for the so-called “Australian drug texts,” they do seem to indicate that Johnny Depp was looking to score various drugs. “We should have more happy pills!!!??” Depp says in one text, and in a separate message he asks, “May I be ecstatic again???” Depp then later tells Nathan Holmes, “Need more whitey stuff ASAP brotherman.” These messages certainly do not look good for Depp and his lawsuit.

Mr. Justice Nicol did not throw the case out and is giving Johnny Depp’s legal team time to apply for “relief against sanctions.” The three week court case is expected to begin in London next week. For now, the lawsuit is still pending, but the “Australian drug texts” to fit in with Amber Heard’s timeline, though Johnny Depp has been very open about his troubles with drugs and alcohol over the past several years, so one can’t say that the texts are exactly surprising.

Johnny Depp’s attorney David Sherborne said last week that the “Australian drug texts” don’t hold any bearing on the libel suit against the Sun. Apparently the printed messages above are only from an excerpt that the judge made public, so there are reportedly more to add to the pile. The texts are actually from a separate lawsuit from Amber Heard in the United States, where things are starting to get ugly again. Heard alleges that Depp was spending $30,000 on wine to which he replied, “It’s insulting to say that I spent $30,000 on wine… because it was far more,” which sounds just like something Depp’s old friend Hunter S. Thompson would say. Deadline was the first to report on the “Australian drug texts.”

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