Kanye West Confirms On Twitter He’s A #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch

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Kanye West

Like Jesus before him, Kanye West was betrayed and killed in front of friends and family because he didn’t know “kk” meant weed. Unlike Jesus before him, the prostitutes he texted with did not mourn. Also unlike Jesus, he arose a mere two days later to clarify accusations that he likes fingers in his ass.

If you didn’t already know how fragile Kanye’s ego is, he spent two days in the afterlife and the part about his ass is the thing he needed to address. Like, really address. Like he really wants us to know he doesn’t like stuff in his ass. He likes pictures and videos. Since I assume that’s where Kim looks the best. He knows that exes can be mad when you drag their child into something because her ex-husband questioned your choice in album names, but he never lets them play with his ass. He’s doesn’t do that, guys. For real. He stays away from that area all togther because his insecurity would rather him sound like he doesn’t wipe his ass. Kanye, you let a stripper trap you. 

TMZ caught up with Kanye at LAX. His anti-psychotic meds kicked in around the :40 mark.

Kanye has distracted from my creative process. Any word on Twitter if Kendall Jenner likes fingers in her ass? Or anything, really. Lemme know.

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