Kanye West Dick Pics Are On The Way Now

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Kanye West

You don’t need me to tell you this, but Kanye West lost his damn mind on Twitter yesterday on January, 17th of all, 2016. Shortly after, his soul was snatched out of his body when Amber Rose checked her mentions and saw where Kanye, filled with peace and positive energy, informed Wiz Khalifah that “you let a stripper trap you”  [ tweet redacted ].  The lack of self awareness  aside, Kanye probably didn’t realize all the other strippers he sent dick pics to also have Twitter accounts. 

Last chance for popcorn:

I tried to find naked pics of Jenna Shea and Lisa Ann, but they’re professionals, so they cost money. So I found some strippers who just put their stuff online for free. 

[ h/t The Superficial

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