Mel C Praises Billie Eilish for Handling Fame 'Beautifully'

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Mel C Praises Billie Eilish for Handling Fame 'Beautifully'

Sharing her admiration of the ‘Bad Guy’ hitmaker, the Spice Girls member says that the 18-year-old knows how to use her very powerful platform to speak about matters that are important to her.

Melanie C (a.k.a. Mel C) has praised Billie Eilish for using her platform “in the best way,” insisting she handles fame “beautifully.”

The Spice Girls star went to see Billie perform in London last year (19), and had the opportunity to meet the “Bad Guy” star following the show, where they quickly formed a close bond.

Since then, Billie’s celebrity status has grown exponentially, but the 18-year-old singer has made sure she regularly speaks about matters that are important to her – a fact Mel greatly appreciates.

“She’s so wise beyond her years,” Mel told Entertainment Tonight. “She knows she has a very powerful platform to be speaking from and she’s using it in the best way. And, it’s brave because everybody has an opinion and everybody is ready to criticise when you’re in those positions. I feel extremely proud of her.”

“And, I feel for all younger artists now because the Spice Girls didn’t have to deal with social media. It was a very, very different time. We felt pressure (and) we felt like we had a responsibility to our younger fans, but now you are literally under the spotlight. She handles it beautifully, so more power to her.”