Milena Moon Will Prevent You From Getting Bent Out Of Shape

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Woman in yoga pose on rocks backlit. Photo: Victoria Yee (Getty)

Milena Moon isn’t just a yogi teacher who bends her body for our amusement every time a strawberry full moon rolls into town. Rather, she’s into the meditation education to keep her ego in check and her body from getting out of whack. Plus, it looks good on Instagram@milena.moon.

While some people fall on injury and need yoga to repair the damage after, say, tripping over the curb while staring into their phones (admit it, you’ve done it), Milena is well practiced in art of hand-stands for the ego-disturbed.

Now see if you can’t try some of these moves without throwing out a hip or breaking your neck. This reminds us of those near-impossible sex positions we dared you to try.

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