Remaking A Selena Gomez Video & 9 Other Punishments For Fantasy League Losers

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Most of us have learned how serious fantasy football is. I’ve actually convinced myself that I could coach in the NFL just because of fantasy.

But if you have been on the losing end of your league – like, the last place team – you also know the shame that comes with it.

This video features a guy named Daniel that lost his fantasy league. His punishment: Remake Selena Gomez’s music video for “Good for You” shot-for-shot…

On that awesomeness, let’s look at some of the other great punishments for fantasy losers.

Tomato Bashing

The loser of this Brooklyn league gets to stand in front of the rest of the league at the next season’s draft… and they pelt him with 200 pounds of tomatoes.

Toilet Bowl

toilet stall

A league in Jersey has the previous year’s loser draft while sitting on the toilet…after the rest of the league has dropped in it.

After having a big lunch at Taco Bell.

Draft Princess

a fat man in a pink tutu

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The loser of one league has to wear a pink tutu and tiara while acting as the ‘card girl’ during the next draft. My league doesn’t even have a card girl. We really suck…

Panda Piercing

the loser of the panda league gets his belly button pierced

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The loser in the Virginia Panda League gets their belly button pierced with a cute little panda. FYI, I will never eat at Panda Express again.

Public Embarrassment

There’s lots of this going around, such as standing on a street corner in rollerblades with a sign that reads “I suck at fantasy football”, going through a car wash in the back of a pickup truck wearing trunks and a swim cap, leg waxing, walking naked down the street wearing only a box that states they are the loser, etc.

a man in a dress holding a loser sign

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One league’s loser dresses as a carrot and the worst score loser in the playoffs dresses as a rabbit. The carrot hits a list of bars, followed by the rabbit 15 minutes later – followed by the rest of the league. The carrot ends up buying them lots and lots of drinks…

Stinky Shirt

dirty shirt

A league in Charlotte has their loser wear a shirt – unwashed since 2002 – while serving them drinks during the next draft. The loser also has to sign the shirt and retire his team name.

Lion Hunting

a nice dressed man dressed as a lion

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The loser of a Bronx league has to dress as a lion and be hunted by the rest of the league armed with paintball weapons… all day long.

The Fly Rule

This might be one of the most creative ones ever. The Fly Bowl winner gets to spend his $300 winnings on sending the loser on a one-way trip of his choosing. The recent loser was sent to the Clown Motel in Nevada. It sits adjacent to a cemetery and is in the middle of nowhere.

The loser has a serious phobia of clowns.


Several losers in leagues have to get tattoos. But The Tattoo League in Omaha is hardcore about their loser getting one. Like, real hardcore.

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