Scarlet Witch Vs. Captain Marvel Fan Art Asks: Who Is the MCU's Strongest Superhero?

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Recently, a Twitter war broke out regarding the relative strength of various MCU characters. Killmonger was pitted against Loki. Loki was pitted against Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch, and Scarlet Witch was pitted against Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. This last matchup promises to be one of the most interesting ones, and was honored via a thrilling piece of fan art by Bosslogic on Instagram.

“Scarlet Witch Vs Captain Marvel #MultiVersus saw this debate on twitter so I thought I’d add it in, who you got?”

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The poster takes place in the middle of the devastated Avengers compound that became the central battlefield between Earth’s heroes and the forces of Thanos during the climactic battle in Avengers: Endgame. Dust and dirt swirl all around the two combatants, while lights from various spaceships and vehicles in the background light up the spectacle.

In the middle of the frame, Captain Marvel punches down on Scarlet Witch in a manner similar to how she attacked Thanos in the movie. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch employs her infinity stone-powered force field to stave off the attack. Marvel has assumed her glowing, binary form to add to her advantage, while Wanda’s eyes glow red as she draws upon the power of the mind stone to augment her abilities.

It is not made clear who has the upper hand in the picture, leaving fans to draw their own conclusions. In the past, MCU showrunner Kevin Feige had stated that Captain Marvel was the strongest hero in the franchise in the days leading up to the debut of her solo movie. This statement was borne out by the films, where Carol was shown to be able to take out entire alien armadas on her own, and came very close to finishing off Thanos single-handedly before the Mad Titan regained control of the stones.

On the other hand, the Scarlet Witch was also recently declared by Feige to be the strongest Avenger, in an interview regarding her upcoming Disney+ show. In Endgame, Wanda was driven by her rage at the loss of Vision to nearly crush Thanos into dust with her force fields before the villain managed to call his army for backup.

So both heroines have fairly matching feats in terms of their appearances in the MCU. Their comics counterparts, on the other hand, are a whole other story. The comic series House of M showed Wanda to have staggering reality-warping powers, able to change the course of history itself to give her allies their heart’s desires. It is rumored that the upcoming show WandaVision is an adaptation of the House of M storyline, indicating that Wanda’s powers in the MCU are set to receive a huge boost.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel is set to follow up her hugely successful debut solo movie with a sequel that has a tentative release date set for the year 2022. The film is to be penned by Megan McDonnell, one of the writers working on WandaVision, with Brie Larson reprising her role as the titular superheroine. This comes to us from BossLogic.

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