Star Wars Actor Warwick Davis Thinks Ewoks Are Cooler Than Baby Yoda

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Warwick Davis is throwing some shade on Baby Yoda. The actor believes that Ewoks are far superior to the breakout star of The Mandalorian. This could be a sensitive subject for some Star Wars fans who have some pretty solid loyalty to The Child and whatever his species is. Yoda has seen a huge uptick in popularity since the debut episode of the Disney+ series and the Ewoks really haven’t, despite the fact that they’re briefly seen in The Rise of Skywalker.

In a new interview, Warwick Davis was asked about Baby Yoda. Since The Mandalorian premiered, everybody having anything to do with the world of Star Wars has been asked about the little adorable and mysterious creature. Davis understands the hype, but he argues for Ewoks being cooler and more cuddly. He explains.

“I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers on The Mandalorian, but I keep seeing these pictures of Baby Yoda, I don’t want to know anymore really for the time being. But Ewoks are obviously very cool, I have a certain affinity with those of course! Ewoks are cooler, they’re more cuddly. Baby Yoda is cute but he’s not cuddly, you would rather cuddle an Ewok than Baby Yoda.”

It sounds like Warwick Davis hasn’t even seen The Mandalorian yet. There could be some jealousy there. Davis got involved with the Star Wars franchise back in 1983 when he starred as Wicket the Ewok when he was only 12-years old. He has played the character, along with a ton of other characters in the franchise ever since. So, it’s understandable why he would pick the Ewoks over Baby Yoda. And the Ewoks had a good run for a few decades.

Baby Yoda has surpassed the Porgs and Ewoks in terms of popularity, but there are a few Star Wars fans who think that Babu Frik from The Rise of Skywalker may be even cuter. But how long will he be the king of cuteness before the inevitable backlash occurs? That’s the real question. While the lack of Baby Yoda merchandising seemed like it may have hurt Disney and Lucasfilm over the holiday season, it looks like it may have been a really great idea. We’re going to get a second wave of popularity in May when all of the toys are released, which should get everyone through summer.

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The Mandalorian season 2 will premiere in the fall and Baby Yoda will presumably still be king. However, it seems that Warwick Davis is going to have something pretty big on the way too. It has just been revealed that a new Willow Disney+ series on the way, which Davis will presumably star in. This is huge news for fans of the original movie and we’re all awaiting more news in the coming days and weeks. The interview with Warwick Davis was originally conducted by KULR8 News.

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