The 5 Songs You Need To Hear From Rihanna's New Album, Anti

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As far as streaming services go, my money’s on Apple Music (at a rate of $9.99 a month). But with the release of Rihanna’s new Anti album exclusively on Tidal, my platform monogamy is totally under attack. Why you gotta do this to us, Jay?

Anti‘s a great collection too—but would we ever expect anything less from the Rude Girl Girl Girl herself? The album is overflowing with Ri’s sexy, dramatic attitude—it’s every dark, sexy lyrical nook and cranny that we want and expect from her. Tidal released it for free to listeners for the better part of yesterday after it was released late Wednesday night (because isn’t that what weekdays are best spent doing? Waiting for surprise Rihanna albums to pop up on Tidal?), but you can still listen to a chunk of each track on their website and download the deluxe version of the album on iTunes if you weren’t one of the lucky ones. Here are the five songs we suggest listening to now.

“Same Ol’ Mistakes”
Because when Rihanna is mastering an Australian psych-pop Tame Impala track (recognize “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” from Currents? Uh huh), there’s a whole new level of intrigue. It really works. I’m not one for covers, but this is a match I can absolutely get behind. According to Rolling Stone, Tame Impala is loving her cover too!

“Work” featuring Drake
This track is so quintessentially Ri, so real, so dirty, so raw. Drake’s emotion is just an added bonus, definitely not the main event. With an addicting bouncey background, this is a repeater for sure. (You can listen to this one, and only this one, below. Again, blame Jay.)

“Love on the Brain”
Because I am getting strong modern day Aretha Franklin, and I like it very much. Listen to those soulful chords! RiRi you should show off your vocal vibrato more because damn, it sounds so good.

“Consideration” featuring SZA
Rihanna and American singer-songwriter SZA are absolutely working it together—essentially setting the mood for the entire album. They’re following no formula on this track, just having fun meandering around a beat. Doing things their own way, but so well together.

“There ain’t nothing here for me anymore, but I don’t wanna be alone.” This emotional ballad really works, with its deep synthy undertones and addictive beat. It’s a compelling and well-heard track, and a stand out on Anti.

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