'The Breakfast Club' Dragged Over Upcoming Russell Simmons Episode

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'The Breakfast Club' Dragged Over Upcoming Russell Simmons Episode

Taking to her Twitter account, Sil Lai Abrams, one of the CEO of Rush Communications’ accusers, blasts the radio show and accuses them of being ‘tone-deaf.’

“The Breakfast Club” landed in hot water over an upcoming episode featuring Russell Simmons, who was involved in rape and sexual misconduct scandals. Not long after DJ Envy took to his Instagram account on Tuesday, June 9, to promote the episode, one of Russell’s accusers slammed the radio show.

“@unclerush on the @breakfastclubam in the morning…,” so DJ Envy wrote alongside a poster of the Wednesday, June 10 episode. Taking to her Twitter account, Sil Lai Abrams blasted the show and accused them of being “tone-deaf.”

“Why? Why do you carry water for this man? Why now? Why are you so tone deaf?” wrote Abrams on the blue bird app. “You’re all complicit in ensuring that Black women’s right to bodily autonomy continues to be denied. You’re also rape apologists.”

Some other fans also criticized the show as one user tweeted, “[Charlamagne Tha God] has been trash for so very long. He’s given so many reasons for folks to stop listening. Many of those reasons revolve around the way he talks about and treats Black Women. And I keep wondering what it’s going to take for folks to take a stand and turn him off.” One person wrote in disbelief, “Is the Breakfast Club on crack? Are they serious right now?”

“The Breakfast Club doesn’t care about anything besides their numbers and it’s a dangerous game they’re playing. What goes up can always come down, but I digress!” another tweet read. “the breakfast club having russell simmons on is gross,” added another fan, while one person echoing the sentiment, “It’s going to be a mess…not that The Breakfast Club isn’t a consistent mess.”

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