There’s A Petition To Send Emma Watson To A Refugee Camp For A Week

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Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a young, accomplished woman (she’s also hot) who doesn’t shy away from actively supporting causes she believes in when she’s not spending that Hermione money. That, of course, causes men to seethe with caps lock rage and misdirect their anger to her Twitter mentions. So, I guess somebody thought it would be cool for Emma Watson to spend a week in a migrant camp to prove she’s a real feminist. Or something. Who the fuck knows. It’s on

In order to show how safe current migration is to Europe, particularly regarding the cause of feminism (I reject wholeheartedly the notion that North African and Middle Eastern migrants are unsafe, and rapists), Emma Watson should spend a week’s holiday in a Calais migrant camp, without guards of course, to show how safe, and how pro feminism these migrants are.

I appreciate the fact that the author of this is a little more subtle in his butthurt than Seattle Seahawks’ fans. Especially since Russell Wilson’s god has forsaken him. Maybe send Ciara’s vagina to the camp. Not like she’ using it for anything right now.

[  h/t Independent Journal via ONTD  ]

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