This is What a Backyard Roller Coaster Looks Like and We Want One

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We love the feeling of riding a roller coaster. The thrill of being propelled on a track in a tiny cart while flipping and turning is one we thoroughly enjoy. It wasn’t until we saw this footage that we realized backyard roller coasters are a thing and, damn it, now we want one.

Four friends named Alec, Chad, Paul, and Lucas are roller coaster enthusiasts who call themselves the Ohio Valley Coasters Team. These guys travel all over and hop on thrill rides (which we’re totally down to do if you need us to sub in for any of you). They made a stop in Indiana and visited a guy named John Ivers, who has a homemade roller coaster called “Blue Flash” set up on his property. By the looks of this thing, it’s made from parts you can pick up at a junk yard, but regardless, you’re damn right we want to try it.

Ivers built the roller coaster back in 2011 so his grandchildren can have fun when they’re over at his house. Also, if he’s interested in adopting more grandkids, we’re all available over here. Just say the word, John. As you can see in the video, the coaster looks super fun and we’re on the verge of booking an appointment to visit Ivers’s home. We’re sure if we ride it, we’ll visit a local scrap yard and try to make our own version of this thing. It’ll just be for us, though. Get your own roller coaster.

Photo: Jacob Ammentorp (Getty Images)

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