This Mind-Blowing Fan Theory About Lilo and Stitch Is So Crazy It Might Actually Be True

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Reddit is a straight-up goldmine when it comes to intriguing theories about our favorite movies and television series: We’ve found possible explanations to everything from Charles’ identity on Pretty Little Liars, to why Scrooge is so Scrooge-y in A Christmas Carol, to who really murdered Theresa Halbach. What fuels our obsession with these fan threads even more is when they turn out to be right—as was the case with this Aladdin claim and this hypothesis about True Detective’s second season. So naturally, we’re placing plenty of stock in this new fan theory about Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, no matter how outlandish it may seem.

To refresh your memory on the adorable 2002 movie, Lilo is a young Hawaiian being raised by her older sister, Nani, after their parents were killed in a car accident. But Redditor kapu_koa has a different idea of how Lilo and Nani ended up as orphans: Their parents were actually CIA agents who died in the line of service. And before you write this off as totally bonkers, consider kapu_koa’s compelling evidence…


First, remember Cobra Bubbles? He’s the social worker assigned to Lilo and Nani, but he also reveals in the movie that he’s ex-CIA who worked on the Roswell UFO incident. Kapu_koa points out: “Now, we’re led to believe a CIA agent who was involved in alien contact just walked away to become a social worker? I think not. Not without a damn good reason.”

So, what’s the “good reason?” Kapu_koa surmises that Bubbles (who looks way more like a CIA operative than a social worker) was close friends or partners with Nani and Lilo’s parents and promised to look after them in the event of the parents’ death. This relationship would also explain why Lilo and Nani “find themselves so easily in the sheltered harbor of [his] patience,'” Kapu_koa writes. “Lilo’s behavioral problems, the state of their house, and the frequency Lilo is left to her own devices would have any other social worker taking Lilo out of that environment well before the events of the film, or at the very least intervening with some sort of court-ordered therapy.”

And there’s more: This fan theory also reminds us of Lilo’s peculiar obsession with photographing people around the island, particularly overweight people. “I think Lilo’s father may have brought her on a low-risk surveillance assignment there on the island, knowing that no one would look twice at a father and daughter taking pictures together—he used her as a cover of sorts,” Kapu-koa writes. “The target was an overweight person, something Lilo distinctly remembers, and now she takes the same pictures as a way of remaining close to her deceased father.”

One last thing: Their parents being undercover agents would help explain the odd collection of books found in Lilo’s room—including roadmaps of Iowa, Oyster Farming: Is It for You?, Practical Voodoo, and Fire Eating for Fun and Profit. “Her father likely had many books of wide ranging topics he read to research for his various overseas undercover assignments, which she noticed and tries to emulate,” Kapu_koa theorizes.

So basically, Lilo and Stitch is like a kiddie, animated Homeland. For more movie secrets, here’s why most Disney heroines don’t have mothers.

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