Wanna Own A DeLorean? A Texas Company Is About To Start Making A Bunch

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Even though the date Marty McFly time travels toward 2015 has passed, Back to the Future fandom has reached a whole new level of intensity because a motor company in Humble, Texas has been given license to create a ton of DeLoreans to fans willing to pay.

Unfortunately these DeLoreans won’t time travel. At best, you’ll get to feel like Marty McFly when he ran over a scarecrow that one time.

The DeLorean Motor Company was actually prohibited by law to create brand new DeLoreans so they have only been able to refurbish DeLoreans for fans in the past, which would cost people upwards of $55,000. Now however, since the cars will be brand new, the price tag could potentially cost people over $100,000 to get their hands on one. Are you that big of a fan of Back to the Future to pay the price?

But you WILL need a bank loan.

As if the price of these things weren’t the only bummer news, apparently the company will only create 300 to start which will finally be available for purchase in early 2017. So not only do you have to be rich, but also quick to the purchase as well.

Personally, I love Back to the Future as much as the next guy and would love to own a DeLorean for nostalgia’s sake but I might have to just sit this one out. And by might, I mean forced to sit this one out.



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