Joker 2 is rumored to happen, and many DC fans want a fan favorite character from the original to return as Arthur Fleck’s sidekick. In the blockbuster movie, Leigh Gill plays Gary, Arthur’s former co-worker whose life is spared by the homicidal madman. In the memorable scene, Gary is unable to reach the chain lock on Arthur’s door, stuck in the apartment with the face-painted murderer after witnessing him stab another man to death. Fortunately, Arthur spares Gary by unlocking the door and setting him free, noting Gary had always been “nice” to him.

With talks of Joker 2 running rampant through the rumor mill, many comic book readers have been speculating that Gary might return in the potential sequel to become Joker‘s sidekick, Gaggy. In the original comics, Gaggy was the right hand man of the Clown Prince of Crime before the Joker‘s eventual partnership with Harley Quinn. Essentially the Joker‘s answer to Robin, Gaggy was a former trapeze artist who turns to a life of crime after The Flying Graysons took his job. Posting a photo of himself along with images of Gaggy on Instagram, Gill addressed the speculation by offering this response:

“I’ve been getting sent a lot of messages from Joker movie fans about this! Especially since the mentions of a possible sequel… Who else would want to see Gary return, and for him to develop into Joker‘s original sidekick Gaggy? It would certainly be fun as hell to play!”

From what we know about Gary based on his appearance in Joker, he may not immediately seem to be the criminal type. He is clearly horrified by the murder he witnesses in Arthur’s apartment, and we last saw the character getting away from Arthur as fast as he possibly could. However, there’s a lot that can happen between the first Joker and the potential sequel, and Gary could come around to working alongside Joker in the underbelly of Gotham City for any number of possible reasons. With Margot Robbie still headlining as the character in no less than two upcoming DC movies, it also seems unlikely Harley Quinn would be showing up in Joker 2, leaving the door open for Gaggy to step in.

While director Todd Phillips says he’s only had discussions with Warner Bros. about making Joker 2, the sequel seems inevitable to happen. Joker has established itself as one of the most successful movies of all time, serving as the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever made. Additionally, the movie is a critical hit as seen by its recent nominations for the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. The studio is undoubtedly interested in recreating those same levels of success with a potential follow-up movie, but it can only work if Phillips, Warner Bros., and Joaquin Phoenix can all get on the same page.

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Time will tell whether Joker 2 actually happens. Whether or not Gill shows back up as Gary (and possibly Gaggy) remains to be seen, and that will likely depend on the creative direction Phillips and the producers would ultimately decide to go in. For what it’s worth, Gill is clearly on board to play the role again, so that’s something for Phillips to keep in mind. This news comes to us from Leigh Gill on Instagram.

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