Young Thug Clowned for Comparing Women to Megan Thee Stallion's Dog

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Young Thug Clowned for Comparing Women to Megan Thee Stallion's Dog

‘Some of yall h***s look like Megan’s dog,’ so the 28-year-old rapper writes on Instagram Stories, before following it up with a photo of Foe Thee Frenchie in a wig.

Young Thug might need to think twice before making a trolling post. The 28-year-old rapper took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday, January 15 to roast his opposite sex, only to find himself getting trolled back by other social media users instead.

On the photo-sharing platform, Thug wrote, “Some of yall h**s look like Megan’s dog,” before he followed it up with a picture of Megan Thee Stallion‘s dog, Foe Thee Frenchie, in a wig. It looked relaxed as its owner held it in what appeared to be a dressing room, as someone was seen in the mirror reflection doing Megan’s hair.

Some people found his post funny, but some others were not as they believe that Thug isn’t one to talk when it comes to someone else’s appearance. “He’s the identical twin. Whew the contradiction,” one hit back. “What exactly does he think he looks like?” someone asked, while one other person said, “He’s really in no position to talk about ANYBODY and their looks.” Meanwhile, another wrote, “He’s probably looking in the mirror at this point.”

“Huh? Is he forgetting how HE looks like? Why are rappers always coming for women?” another individual roasted him. “He look more like the dog to me than anyone he’s talking about,” one more person expressed his/her take. Some others, meanwhile, dragged Thug’s fashion sense into it with someone saying, “A man will say that and simultaneously look like a dog in a dress and nail polish.” There was also one who asked him, “Have you seen yourself sis?”

Thug is known for his eccentric fashion sense, and this includes wearing female outfits. When asked about the reason as to why he chose to wear women’s clothing, he said, “Because women’s clothes are [slimmer] than men’s clothes. The jeans I got on right now, they’re women’s jeans. But they fit how they’re supposed to fit. Like a rock star. The only thing I probably have in men’s is, like, briefs. T-shirts. Ninety percent of my clothes are women’s.”

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